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How to prepare for your home remodel

Remodeling your home can be an exciting endeavor, but it also requires careful planning and preparation to ensure a smooth process and minimize disruptions to your daily life. At Wade Design and Construction, we understand the importance of thorough preparation, so we've put together this guide to help you get ready for your upcoming project.

Embrace Winter Bliss: The Best Home Amenities for Wisconsin’s Coldest Season

As winter continues to blanket Wisconsin, there's no better time to think about turning your home into a sanctuary of warmth and comfort. Discover the joy of these home amenities that will not only elevate your living space but also enhance your winter experience and get you through this persistent season.

Transform your living space in 2024 with a New Year's resolution

Happy New Year! As we step into 2024, the whole team at Wade Design & Construction wishes you a year filled with joy, prosperity, and beautiful living spaces. To kick off the year, we're excited to share some potential New Year's resolutions for homeowners that will help you make the most of your home in the coming months.

Elevate Your Home With A Serene Bathroom Retreat

As winter graces Wisconsin, let's shift our focus to a quieter haven within our homes—the bathroom. At Wade Design & Construction, we're passionate about turning these spaces into tranquil retreats, prioritizing simplicity and comfort.

Designing a fireplace to fit your space

Fireplaces are integral features in Wisconsin homes, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Whether it's designing custom cabinetry to house an extensive book collection or creating a warm and inviting family gathering spot, fireplaces are often at the heart of our design process.

Is your home ready for entertaining loved ones this holiday season?

Gathering spaces are key for the holiday season. From a fully-equipped kitchen for cooking and socializing, to a living room with ample seating for relaxation, group games, and conversation, to a mudroom for neat shoe storage, there are numerous aspects that can contribute to hosting a fun and successful event. Our team can help you get your space ready for all the events that might take place in your home.

6 Home Prep Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Is your home ready for fall? Read this for some tips on how to make sure your home is all set for the upcoming Wisconsin seasons.

A+ Projects to Optimize Your Space for Back to School

Get ready for fall by fully equipping your mudroom with lockers and creating nice study nooks for maximum productivity.

Optimize Your Space For Holiday Hosting

How did hosting the holidays go in your home? Flow is the most important part of hosting people in your space — a great layout can change everything. Check out these two kitchens where we tailored the spaces to the clients' lifestyles and needs by removing walls and reconfiguring the rooms to create effortless flow for everyday needs as well as needs during the holidays. Details, Details, Details! Another important part of getting your space organized for hosting is the details. Having storage in your home that accommodates and makes everyday and holiday organization effortless is vital. These images showcase kitchens that are designed with...