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Embrace Winter Bliss: The Best Home Amenities for Wisconsin’s Coldest Season

Embrace Winter Bliss: The Best Home Amenities for Wisconsin’s Coldest Season

Embrace Winter Bliss: The Best Home Amenities for Wisconsin’s Coldest Season

Embrace Winter Bliss: The Best Home Amenities for Wisconsin’s Coldest Season

As winter continues to blanket Wisconsin, there's no better time to think about turning your home into a sanctuary of warmth and comfort. Discover the joy of these home amenities that will not only elevate your living space but also enhance your winter experience and get you through this persistent season.


Heated Floors

Step straight from your warm bed onto a luxurious haven every morning with heated floors. The comforting warmth beneath your feet creates an inviting atmosphere, making every room a cozy retreat during the colder months.


A Dependable Mudroom

Make a graceful entrance even on the snowiest of days with a thoughtfully designed mudroom. The practicality of a dedicated space for your winter gear ensures that you can enjoy the snowy (or rainy) outdoors without bringing it all in. Our design team understands the importance of functionality without compromising on style, providing a seamless transition from the winter outdoors to the cozy indoors.


Motorized Window Shades

Control the ambiance effortlessly with motorized window shades. Whether you're basking in the winter sun or creating an intimate atmosphere, the ease of adjusting your window coverings enhances your home experience. Plus, if you need some daylight to get up in the morning during these winter months, motorized shades are the perfect solution.


A Cozy Fireplace

Embrace the timeless charm of a fireplace as the heart of your home. Picture yourself nestled by the fire, creating a warm and inviting space perfect for quiet evenings or gatherings with loved ones.


A Sauna and/or Steam Shower Sanctuary

Indulge in your personal spa during the winter with a sauna or steam shower. The soothing warmth not only relaxes your body and flushes out toxins, but also provides a tranquil escape, giving you a rejuvenating experience on cold winter days.


South-Facing Windows

Let natural light flood your living spaces through strategically placed south-facing windows. The abundance of sunlight throughout the day creates a bright and uplifting environment, turning your home into a cheerful retreat even on the darkest winter days. If the natural light (or lack thereof) in your home isn’t satisfying you, give us a call—our design team makes sure to keep this in mind when planning your new space.


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